Swift Lite 33mm Charcoal Tablets

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Swift Lite Charcoal

  • 33 mm Charcoal Tablets
  • Quick Lighting & Long Lasting *
  • Quicklight & Smokeless Charcoals
  • Smokeless, Tasteless, Odorless
  • Perfect for: Resin Incense - Pooja - Hookah - Shisha
Tablets come in rolls of 10 and are in sealed, airtight packs in order to maintain efficient combustion.
To maintain freshness open rolls should be re-sealed and stored in a cool dry place.

The fast-lighting charcoal from Swift-Lite is a smokeless and odorless product originally designed for religious incense burning. Swift Lite charcoal uses sustainable wood sources and only uses specially selected species of timber in order to give a hotter and stronger product.

WARNING: When the tablet has been lit, do not handle it as it will cause a burn.
Do not dispose of the ash remains in a waste paper bin as this may cause a fire.

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