Sodium Lactate 60% Preservative

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Sodium Lactate 

Sodium Lactate 60%

Sodium Lactate hydrates skin and prevents loss of moisture it is also used as a water-binding and buffering agent. Sodium Lactate also helps regulate bacterial growth. Recommended usage: 2% to 8%.

  • Broaden the spectrum of Natural Preservatives like Optiphen, Optiphen PLUS, Phenonip and Germa.
  • Paraben-free, Formaldehyde-free All Natural preservative enhancer - Completely Water Soluble.
  • Help regulate bacterial growth - Great pH regulator.
  • Helps harden Soap - Can be used as a replacement for glycerin - helps make soap and lotion less sticky.
  • Food Grade - Made from Corn - Produced in USA.

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