Jojoba Oil (Golden)


Golden Jojoba Oil

Golden Jojoba Oil is very mild, and you can apply it directly to your face. It also mixes well with other oils, such as grapeseed or tea tree oil. Apply the oil directly to your face by moistening your fingers with a few drops. Gently rub the oil into your face and neck using small, circular motions.

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • Cold Pressed | Unrefined Carrier Oil
  • Jojoba is applied directly to the skin for acne, psoriasis, sunburn, and chapped skin. It is also used topically to encourage the regrowth of hair in people who are balding. In manufacturing, jojoba is used as an ingredient in shampoo; lipstick; makeup; cleansing products; and in face, hand, and body lotions.
  • Jojoba oil may indeed prevent hair breakage and strengthen your locks. It could also be helpful in treating dandruff, dry scalp, and itchy scalp, and be used as an anti-inflammatory and skin moisturizer as well. ... Still, it can be a great product for promoting strong, silky, and shiny hair.

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