Phenonip Preservative

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  • Phenonip is a preservative.
  • Phenonip works in a multitude of applications. It is a clear liquid and the application rates vary from .3% to 1% by weight depending on the circumstances. Most applications are in the .3% to .5% range. To preserve 200g of salt scrub at .5% application rate would mean using approximately 1g of Phenonip.
  • Designed with cosmetics in mind and is especially effective when used in conjunction with oil based products but also works extremely well in aqueous solutions up to a .5% application rate.
  • Tolerates higher temperatures than many other preservatives and still maintain its effectiveness INCI.
  • Name:phenoxyethanol (CAS # 122-99-6), methylparaben (CAS # 99-76-3), butylparaben (CAS # 94-26-8), ethylparaben (CAS # 120-47-8), propylparaben (CAS # 94-13-3)

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