11 Ounces Coconut Oil

9 Ounces Olive Oil

9 Ounces Palm Oil

2 Ounces Sweet Almond Oil

4 Ounces Castor Oil

4 Ounces Avocado Oil

2 Ounces Mango Butter

5.83 Ounces Lye

10-15 Ounces Water

3 Tablespoons Fragrance Oil for a strong scent, (vary based on preference)

2 Teaspoons Sodium Lactate (optional, for a harder bar)

Colorant or Mica (optional)


1.  Measure out the lye and water in separate glass containers. Combine them by adding the lye to the water. Stir until the lye dissolves. The temperature will rise quickly. Place this in a safe place to cool.

2.  While the lye solution is cooling, combine the oils and butters in a large stainless pot. Melt them over low heat and heat them up to 130-140 degrees. Set them aside to cool.

3.  After 2 hours, check the temperature of both solutions. They should be around 110 degrees (a range of 100-120 is fine). If not, allow them to cool longer.

4.  Prepare your mold and measure out any fragrance or color you will be adding. If using sodium lactate, add it to the lye water now.

5.  Pour the water and lye solution into the pot with the melted oils. Blend with a stick blender until thin trace is reached. The soap batter will noticeably thicken, and a trail of soap will sit on top of the liquid rather than immediately sinking in (this will take about 1 minute). Add the color and fragrance and stir by hand.

6.  Immediately pour the soap batter into the mold. Place in a turned off oven or wrap with blankets to insulate the soap.

7.  After 24 hours of curing, unmold and cut into bars. The bars may seem slightly soft but will harden considerably during the curing process. Allow to cure at least 3 weeks in a well-ventilated place.