Germaben II Preservative

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Germaben II

  • Germaben II is an ideal preservative system for shampoos, hair conditioners and emulsion products.
  • Germaben II minimizes the problems associated with incorporating solid Parabans. It dissolves completely in cosmetic formulations at a 1.0% concentration over a wide pH range.
  • It can be conveniently incorporated into cold processed shampoos and into creams and lotions during their manufacture. The preferred method of addition of Germaben II is to add it slowly to the product with good stirring just prior to the addition of the fragrance.
  • Germaben II has also been successfully used to preserve troublesome formulations containing nonionic surfactants, proteins, soluble collagen, aloe vera extracts and herbal extracts. The broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity obtained by the combination of Germall II with methylparaben and propylparaben provides the preservation protection necessary for sophisticated personal care products.
  • Clear viscous liquid.

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