Castor Oil Pack with 8oz Amber Bottle of Castor Oil - (EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE)


Enjoy the benefits of our castor oil along with a therapeutic, mess free bamboo cotton oil pack with this exclusive 2 piece bundle!

🌿You will receive one (1) 8oz plastic amber bottle of our cold pressed castor oil


🌿one (1) super soft, khaki colored fabric oil pack with adjustable straps and a zipper pouch.

Simply spread up to a tablespoon of castor oil onto the oil pack as evenly as possible and place the pack onto your body. Use the elastic straps to adjust the pack to your comfort so you can wear the pack however you like, wherever you like!

If desired, a hot or cold compress can be inserted into the zipper pouch for maximum comfort. Caution is advised when exposing skin to extreme temperatures. 

Our cold pressed castor oil is organic and hexane free! Use it to repair dry skin, hair and nails. It may fade wrinkles and fine lines as well as stretch marks. It can promote hair growth and thicken hair and eyebrows.

It makes a great addition to your daily wellness routine, or just as a luxurious self care routine, as well as a gift for a loved one!

If you are pregnant or mensurating, you are advised to avoid this product and consult a doctor before use. 

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