Extraction- Expeller pressed/Refined
Shelf life- 2 year optimal
Effectively treats dry skin
Clears blemishes and wrinkles
Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy

Mango Butter is a tropical butter that has a similar composition to Shea and Cocoa, however the fatty acid content profile is slightly different and enhances the spectrum of natural EFAs, antioxidants and vitamins that Kabana products offer. It smells sweet and nutty in its pure form, generally has a warm creamy color and is solid at room temperature. It also melts at body temperature or upon contact with skin and disperses smoothly, providing a protective, emollient layer. Try using Mango Butter for: Body care products Soaps Lotions, massage creams Hair products

For External use only - Do not consume

Raw Mango Butter - 1 Lb



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