16 oz/1lb Neem oil - 100% pure cold pressed -Organic - Extra Virgin
About the Product:
Powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties of neem oil
helps one treat hair related problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. Used by many as an ingredient in dental care products like toothpaste, mouth washes and rinses all use the neem oil's antiseptic properties to keep teeth healthy and gums free of infection.
Benefits also include its use in household items like mosquito repellents, disinfectants and personal hygiene products.

For External use only - Do not consume.

Neem oil pure cold pressed - Organic - Virgin16 oz.

  • Important Information

    Safety Information
    For External use only - Do not consume.

    Children and pregnant or nursing women should not use Neem. Large doses of Neem may be toxic. If you are currently on medication, consult with a doctor before using Neem. Not enough studies have been done on drug interactions. Keep away from children and pets.

    Neem oil is exceptionally rich and contains a heavy odor. It will need to be diluted accordingly before adding it to your products, and sometimes heated to turn it into a pourable liquid. We recommend experimenting in small batches with this oil, so that the odor does not adversely alter your final product. Below are several usages for Neem Oil: Athletes foot: Add a few drops to a foot soak, foot powder, or anti-fungal salve recipe. For Dandruff and head lice: Massage with Olive or other carrier oil into the hair and scalp. Leave in for one hour, and then shampoo out. In salves-- add a few drops to your healing salve. In soaps-- use with your base oils. Garden pesticide-- Mix with Castille Soap and water, spray onto infested plants as needed. The spray will suffocate soft bodied insects, and will repel other insects. Acne-- mix a small amount into your facial clay and apply to problem spots. Bath-- mix a few drops into the bathwater. Bug repellent: Use in lotion to deter bugs and mosquitoes. Hand soap: Add to liquid hand soap for antibacterial properties.



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