Cocoa Butter - Pure, Raw, Unprocessed. Incredible Quality and Scent. Use for Lotion, Cream, Lip Balm, Oil, Stick, or Body Butter.
Ingredient: Organic Cocoa Butter
Our Organic Raw Cocoa Butter has a rich, smooth texture that melts easily
Rich in Vitamin E, Prevents & Treats Stretch Marks
BULK orders do not ship in plastic jars - they are shipped in plastic bags
This product is sold exclusively by SAAQIN ®

2 Lb Cocoa Butter, Pure, Raw, Un


    • **This product is ONLY sold by SaaQin**
    • It is cut to weight from a block of 55 Lbs.
    • Shipped in chunks in resealable food grade bag
    • ** Please be aware - If the label does contain SaaQin label and logo it is NOT authentic **
    • Our Cocoa butter has never melted or molded VERY IMPORTANT!!

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